Genomic risk score for coronary heart disease

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-12-38-53-amThe Inouye and Abraham Labs have come together with leading researchers in cardiovascular disease to design a genomic risk score (GRS) for coronary heart disease and to demonstrate its predictive potential and clinical utility. The GRS is under clinical translation and is already being used to advise individuals of their future heart disease risk in combination with traditional risk factors like cholesterol and blood pressure.

The paper is open access here.

Citation: Abraham G, Havulinna AS, Bhalala OG, Byars SG, De Livera AM, Yetukuri L, Tikkanen E, Perola M, Schunkert H, Sijbrands EJ, Palotie A, Samani NJ, Salomaa V, Ripatti S, Inouye M. Genomic prediction of coronary heart disease. European Heart Journal 2016. ehw450.

The research has been covered by many in the media, such as The Herald Sun in Australia, and The Telegraph, The Sun, The Daily Mail in the UK.

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